14 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Practice Self-Love: 14 ways

Today was rainy and raw – not the most ideal weather on a Sunday winter afternoon. Typically, on days like this we can’t escape boredom. We fill them with Nike+ Fit Club workouts, at home yoga sessions, movies, or drinking at a local tavern. But today was different – we allowed ourselves to be lazy and lackadaisical, relaxed and rested, calm and cool.

Usually this lack of complete drive makes us feel guilty and stuck, like the feelings described in our Gloomy Weather post. But today, it felt good to be this inactive and unmotivated. We listened to our bodies and our hearts, we needed this and sometimes you just need to practice self-love, fitting since the traditional celebration of love, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, is this week.

Practice Self-Love: 14 waysYou know that movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? It’s one of our favorites. Matthew Broderick in all his young glory, the car, and who can deny Sloane’s casual sex appeal? The most telling lines of the entire film comes near the beginning – before galavanting all over Chicago on one of the best days of hookie all time, Ferris is taking his time getting ready for the day. The scene shows this amazingly cool kid getting ready to jump in the shower. With an impeccable smirk on his face, Ferris turns to the camera, speaking directly to the audience: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Life is fast. There are so many moving parts. With constant changes, your mind can begin to jump from idea to idea, problem to problem, or thought to thought. This is why making time where you are calm and at peace is so important. Dozens of studies have shown that giving your body the love it deserves, just like displaying your love for Game of Thrones, Marvel movies, romance novels, HIIT classes, or your job is necessary and a key component to happiness.

We all have stressors, responsibilities, reasons that our lives can occasionally feel out of control. Loving yourself for who you are in all your flaws and imperfections as well as your strengths and qualities brings clarity to the chaos.

Do something that will calm you and put you in a state where your mind is clear! Here are a few of our favorite ways to practice self-love:

  1. Practice yoga
  2. Begin breathing techniques
  3. Pursue meditation
  4. Prepare for your week with a healthy meal prep
  5. Take a walk or go for a run
  6. Start a gratitude journal
  7. Watch your favorite television show
  8. Buy an adult coloring book
  9. Read a book
  10. Sip your favorite hot beverage
  11. Listen to calming music
  12. Get a massage
  13. Cuddle with a pet or loved one
  14. Make a cozy corner in your residence to promote self-love

Try out a few and figure out which one works best for you. Don’t forget to share results with us. We’d love to hear!

Practice Self-Love: 14 ways

Practice Self-Love: 14 ways

Practice Self-Love: 14 ways

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