Reflection – Moving Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you have been following us for the last few weeks, you’re aware of our situation. For those that are just visiting us for the first time, 2018 started out pretty low for us due to a layoff at work – read the full post here. Well, we have some good news to share: As of the end of the month, both of us will be fully employed again!

While we are ecstatic to continue our life without too much disruption, the start of a new job brings with it a whole new set of feelings and thoughts. This path leads us again into a new experience, both exciting but also scary; it’s moving into some less safe, secure, and easy place. In other words, it’s moving us outside of our comfort zone.

Not every path has a known destination. Part of beginning something new is the unknown. And it can cause fear. But just for a moment, consider George Addair’s words of wisdom, “Everything we ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” That’s right my friends, if that deep desire to ensure dreams become a reality is innate within you, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As they say, you will always find a way if you want something bad enough.

The photos above may appear similar, but these were taken on the complete opposite sides of the United States. The first image was taken a few years ago while walking along Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, and the second scene was captured more recently during our trip to Northern California at Davenport Pier. Both structures feature pieces from an old dock or pier, both have stood the test of time, and both represent changing tides. These beaches resemble what’s comfortable – that soft sand rubbing in between your toes. And that magical blue water? Yeah, it’s majestic and beautiful, but it is also full of sharks, jellyfish, and other dangerous elements hiding beneath the surface. That old abandoned dock? That’s what we look like when we dare to step into the uncertainty, and hold our ground.

We are strong, and we are resilient. We can learn and grow from experiences. Knowing that we can withstand the test of time and adapt to our surroundings is what makes us human. These are the small reminders we are telling ourselves during this time of change, knowing that nothing was ever achieved without taking that one extra step into the ambiguity.

We leave you with this, do one thing today that makes you feel uncomfortable. Prove to yourself that you can not only deal with change, but embrace it. Take it one step at a time and be intentional about doing it again the following day. As (the old, better) Taylor Swift sang in the song so aptly titled ‘Fearless’, “In this moment now capture it, remember it”…and embrace what life throws at you.

Comfort Zone, Uncertainty, Unknown, Ambiguity

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