Photographing Boston like a Local – Five Hidden Gems

Having lived in this city for nearly a decade, we have seen many of the Bostonian tourist destinations countless times. If you have never been to our beloved Beantown before, we highly recommend the standard attractions like Faneuil Hall, the New England Aquarium, Fenway Park, Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, and the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center. However, many of these attractions are completely dependent on the weather and time of year.

The great news? Boston isn’t only about the well-known attractions; there are countless hidden gems, lesser known locations, that truly embody its historic charm or famous combination of centuries of design, despite the time of year or day. Check out our list below for five locations we love to photograph day or night, summer or winter, rain or shine.

Photographing Boston like a Local – Five Hidden Gems

  • Acorn Street: Dubbed as the most photographed street in Boston, this avenue is the epitome of Boston charm. One of the steepest inclines in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, the original cobblestone paving is lined by brick sidewalks and adorned with historic townhomes. Snow covered, puddle ridden, or glowing from the sun on a summer’s day, this street holds its charm in all weather.
  • Skylines from Parking Garages: This may sound ridiculous to the average traveler, but we are not kidding with this suggestion. As you’re walking around the city, keep an eye out for parking garages that could have a view. These are free ways to get a unique perspective of the buildings and skyscrapers that make up Boston’s skyline.
  • The Skinny House: Originally built as a way to annoy surrounding neighbors or city officials, the Skinny House is the narrowest home in all of Boston. Located on Hull Street in the city’s North End, the structure is just over 10 feet at its widest point. Just walking by this house is enough to bring a smile on your face while bringing on shudders of claustrophobia.
  • Boston Public Library’s Courtyard: A landmark in and of itself, the Boston Public Library is a must for first time visitors. However, what travelers occasionally overlook is the picturesque courtyard in the middle of the building. Grab a sandwich at the Library’s cafe and head into the courtyard on a warm spring day to get some fresh air among the chirping birds and water fountain. They also occasionally have concerts in the space during the warmer months, so be sure to do your research before your trip.

Boston Public Library Courtyard - Boston Hidden Gems

  • Boston University Bridge: Connecting Boston to Cambridge by crossing over the Charles River, this photogenic bridge contains an arched component and a railway. The view from the bridge is one of the best unobstructed views of the famous Back Bay neighborhood. It also is a sight itself, with local graffiti artists lovingly decorating the tracks’ exterior with masterpieces, constantly adapting to the times.

While we may have lived here for quite some time, we definitely are not experts on hidden gems in this city. We would love your help, where are some other locations to add to this list?

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