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Some couples have a five-year plan, lists, and ideas of what they want in a life together. Marriage and commitment, families and babies, buying or building a home, and putting down roots in one location usually top lists like these. Most of the time the itemized checklist is checked off one by one, in a methodical manner that suits the couple – some start with the house, then the marriage and babies, others want the marriage, babies and then a home. We have great respect for these couples who know, without question, that this is what they want in the next five years.

Phil and I? Well, our five-year plan looks a little different. Our list has items like watch the sunset at the edge of the world on a beach at sunset, eat the most decadent chocolate cake you can find in Switzerland, float in the Dead Sea, or make friends with a sheepdog in the hills of Ireland. Other more attainable experiences like walk the Freedom Trail in Boston, experience Christmas in New York City, and sip a glass of wine in  Napa Valley also have a coveted place on this list.

We’ve been together for five years, so don’t get us wrong. We want to have the most adorable family living in a craftsman-style home somewhere in New England, maybe with some chickens (if Phil caves, fingers crossed). We want to celebrate our love and commitment with a massive party. These are on our long term list. Something we have heard from our elders time and time again is how youth is wasted on the young. And we both agree. We don’t want to waste it.

We want to be fit enough to jump out of a plane in Dubai, ride horses in Montana, or bungee jump in Queenstown. We want to walk or run through the streets of Bangkok. We want to conquer the Great Wall of China or even just the steps of the Bunker Hill Monument. We want to take the advice of our elders and LIVE.

Join us, as we try our best to use the youth we have to explore this amazing world God gave us to experience.

Sarah is originally from Litchfield, NH and currently resides in the Greater Boston area with Phil. She attended Endicott College where she fell in love with the ocean and New England. Currently, Sarah is an experienced marketing professional in Boston and continues her passion for writing through this blog. Sarah loves practicing her hobbies and infatuations with photography, reading, horseback riding, and design.

Phil is from Randolph, MA and currently resides in the Greater Boston area with Sarah. He attended Lasell College where he met lifelong friends and found his passion for helping people. Phil is currently a recruiter in Boston and loves snapping shots with his iPhone XSMax and Nikon D7500. He loves cheering for his beloved Celtics at TD Garden, reading inspirational novels, and re-watching ‘The Office’ episodes.

Phil and Sarah have been together since 2011.

Boston Photos - Engagement Photos