5 Experiences We’re Looking Forward to During Our Trip to Seattle

It’s almost that time again, time for some more travel! We’ve been looking forward to this next trip for years. In less than two weeks time we will be off on our next adventure to the Emerald City, Seattle, WA.

Though I have visited this city once before in my teenage years (if you can’t tell from these old-school photos in this post), Phil and I have never traveled there together. And since this city has been on our bucket list for half a decade, we have a lot of musts and potential possibilities for this trip, including getting photos that will last a lifetime. This being said, we have made a list of ones that we’d like to share with you all! The best part about this post is that we would welcome suggestions for tourist destinations and off-the-beaten path spots from all of you! Look for our post about from our trip to Seattle in the future.

Experiences We’re Looking Forward to in Seattle

Observing Seattle from a ‘Flying Saucer’, also know as the Space Needle

Making Friends with the Troll Under the Bridge

Relaxing in the Over 6,000 Acres of Parks

Catching Fish at the Public Market

Ordering a Caramel Macchiato from the Original ‘Bucks

Seattle, WA (old)

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