It’s the Little Things

Hi everyone! How are we all feeling? I’m sure starting to feel the unpredictability of what is coming next, the unknown. Not only is our city, our state, our country, and our world in a place of uncertainty at the moment, but our minds are too. To try and combat these feelings, we have really started to focus on the little things in life. People, experiences, and physical things we’re grateful for, and becoming OK with the silence we’re constantly enveloped within these days. Learning to become peaceful at a specific moment in time and not think about what’s next. To be here, now.

To complement these feelings, Phil started taking photos of little moments around our apartment, and this week we wanted to share these with you. From the fragrant scent of a blooming lily surrounded by knick knacks from our travels or the smell of freshly brewed coffee in our bright coffee nook to snapshots of our meditation spot or a good home cooked meal, we hope these images trigger your own passion for places and experiences that you can also be grateful for during this intentional slow down. We will make it through, and I’m sure we will be better individuals, units, and humans on the other side!

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