Social Distancing Update and Check-in

Hi everyone! How are we all feeling these days? Are you taking care of yourself and your loved ones? Have you been capitalizing on this time to slow down and appreciate the people you love and care for, or are you feeling more isolated and alone? Phil and I sure have been feeling both sides of the quarientining spectrum—excited that we have so much time to dedicate to projects that have been on the rainy day list for years, mixed with the occasional spell or boredom or fear of the unknown.

From watching movies or television shows and playing card games to finally completing a space dedicated to home workouts in our second bedroom, we have been keeping our bodies moving, our minds active, and staying home! Amidst all of these emotions and projects, Phil has still been practicing his favorite hobby, photography! Take a look at some of his best shots below and let us know what you’ve been up to!

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