15 Activities to do During Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine

What a world we are living in…We’re sure most of you have been inadvertently affected, if not directly affected, by the virus. I am currently working from home while our office is closed and being cleaned, and Phil is on strict guidelines to head straight to the office and home until further notice. While it can be scary and extremely isolating, Phil and I have been doing our part as Massachusetts residents—a state with over 100 people infected—to intentionally practice social distancing to help contain the spreading and help keep the elderly and those with compromised immune systems healthy.

In a recent post about changing priorities, Phil and I explained why we were not traveling as much this year as in years past, and shared some of our favorite activities that you could try to balance financial considerations with travel. With recent events, it seemed ever so appropriate to revisit and revive this list, while composing some additional ideas that you can do as a couple to reconnect, while keeping others, and yourselves, safe. Look on the bright side, and take some time to complete some of the below with the extra time you may have on your hands!

  1. Support your local businesses from the safety of your own home! Buy a gift card or place an online order that can be shipped. It’s important to remember the little guy in these situations!
  2. Order takeout from your favorite local haunt or restaurant and have a floor picnic. This is one of our favorite things to do, believe it or not. Just be sure to vacuum before and after said meal!
  3. Get outside! This is something we have been doing almost everyday. It’s important to breathe in that fresh air and be outside in nature. We’ve been really lucky in New England this year as we’ve been blessed with a mild winter. Just be sure to keep your distance from other groups if walking or sitting in the sun.
  4. Finally read that book that’s been occupying space on your bookshelf or coffee table, but has yet to have its binding cracked. What better way to escape than the written word!
  5. Rent or stream your all-time favorite movie and then watch your bestie’s or your significant other’s. Or, better yet, binge watch some of those television shows you’ve been meaning to get to on a rainy day. Now’s the time to do it.
  6. Check-in on friends, parents, grandparents, or anyone else you know who may be alone during this time. Video chatting, or just plan old phone calls may make someone’s day and let them know that they aren’t alone, especially if you can’t visit.
  7. Say thank you to someone you know in the healthcare profession. These people are on the front lines trying to keep the general public well, while also keeping those that need medical assistance safe. Send them a text or a note to let them know how much they mean to you!
  8. Go through those pesky sales emails that fill your inbox and either unsubscribe or read them. It will feel like a cleanse to the closer you get to inbox zero.
  9. If feeling ambitious, try cleaning out those catch-all places in your residence. You know, the junk drawer, the hall closet, or that second bedroom.
  10. Plan a day trip to a special location within two hours driving distance of your home. This challenge will make you think outside the box, while keeping you safely enclosed in your own car. Just be sure to wash your hands and wipe down surfaces if you do get out of the vehicle.
  11. Give yourself a spa day in the comfort of your own home. Slather on a mud mask, soak your feet in hot water with bath oils, or do your nails. A little pampering always feels good.
  12. Pick up a hobby! Always wanted to try painting? Knitting or crocheting always been something you wish you could do? Order the beginner supplies on Amazon and take a crack at it! Check out some virtual options from some of your local businesses or YouTube some great instructional videos.
  13. Get your body moving. If you’ve given up on working out in a public place, or if you favorite studio is closed, try some at home workouts or yoga classes. It’s important to keep your immune system healthy during this time.
  14. Listen to a few episodes of your favorite podcast or start a new one that you just haven’t had the chance to start.
  15. Rearrange a room or switch out decor that you’re tired of. It will breathe new life into that space.

Stay safe, healthy, and remember to ask for help or call a friend if you start to feel the loneliness creeping in. Spring is coming, y’all!

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