Snapshots of Our Weekend, March Blue Hues

Current scene: Phil and I are cuddled up, snug as bugs in a rug, listening to some calming folksy blues as I write this post. We have already finished preparing ourselves for the week ahead—the meal prep is finished, leaving a sultry mix of oranges and cinnamon in the air; the laundry has been folded, ironed and put away; our workout plans have been finalized; and now we relax. As we are both sitting here, unwilling to admit that daylight savings time happened, and it actually is an hour ahead of what time it was yesterday, we are reflecting on how much fun we had this weekend.

We had an easy breezy, literally very windy, two days in Newburyport dog sitting for a friend. Though the blustery weather made it feel about 10 degrees cooler than it was, the sun was still very warm, and all of New England seemed ready for spring. Children and babies were bouncing around bustling brunch eateries, while groups of girlfriends gallivanted in and out of quaint and quirky shops, all against the bluest, cloudless skies.

It finally felt as though we were back to our routes. It has been almost 20 weeks since one of us has traveled last, and even longer since we had a weekend getaway together. Though it was to a place we’d visited nearly a dozen times, it was great to get outside, leave our adorable apartment behind, and explore the streets and sands of somewhere not as familiar to us.

As such, here are some of our favorite shots from this weekend to inspire you to savor these last few weeks of winter, before spring is officially upon us with all of its colorful glory!

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