Reflection – Changing Priorities

This weekend was full of major, significant, savings-busting purchases. Phil was able to get an amazing new car after his reliable royal blue 2010 Toyota Camery, at almost 190,000 miles, finally saw her last day. His purchase was a new trustworthy vehicle at a great price, exactly the color he wanted. Though he didn’t plan on buying when he walked into the dealership, the deal he was presented was just too good to turn down. I, on the other hand, found the dress I will be saying ‘I do’ later this year! Without a doubt, this dress complements the ethereal, classic vibes we want to represent in our ceremony and reception. And so yes, I too could not say no.

Reading Town Forest - Massachusetts Engagement Photos

And yet, even though these two purchases were amazing steps forward in the progression of our lives, and we are more than happy and excited to have them, they are direct representations of how our priorities have shifted over the last couple of months. Our desire to travel has had to take a back seat while we complete these life events. We haven’t been traveling as much because we’re saving for the next stages of our lives. The stages that will involve new cars, new houses, a wedding, an eventual family complete with dogs and babies.

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To be honest, we’re trying to figure out the best way to balance these changing priorities with our passion to travel. We still have the intention, the motivation to see places we’ve never been, escape our routine day-to-day and explore the diverse world we live in. To just be–hop in a car or on a plane with each other–just to feel the love you share with that one family member, friend, or partner. Or even the thrill that comes when organizing a new trip, to feel the satisfaction when the chaotic frenzy becomes an amazing journey laid out before you. It’s still there, deep down inside. Though these purchases are great and moving us into the next chapter of life as a team, when we buy these things, a little piece of us feels disappointment that this money isn’t going towards another getaway.

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As such, we’ve started to become inventive, create ways and activities for us that evoke the same feelings that travel does. This week’s post is dedicated to just that, small actions or trips that you can do to conjure a similar feeling of adventure and excitement, organization and order, love and completeness. Here are our top 11 activities you can do if you are trying to balance travel and other life events.

24 hours in Newburyport - North Shore in Massachusetts
  1. Finally read that book that’s been occupying space on your bookshelf or coffee table, but has yet to have its binding cracked.
  2. Rent or stream your all-time favorite movie and then watch your bestie’s or your significant other’s.
  3. Go through those pesky sales emails that fill your inbox and either unsubscribe or read them. It will feel like a cleanse to the closer you get to inbox zero.
  4. If feeling ambitious, try cleaning out those catch-all places in your residence. You know, the junk drawer, the hall closet, or that second bedroom.
  5. Plan a small staycation in your nearest city. It’s always fun to be a tourist in your own town.
  6. Plan a day trip to a special location within two hours of your home. This challenge will make you think outside the box
  7. Order takeout and have a floor picnic. This is one of our favorite things to do, believe it or not. Just be sure to vacuum before and after said meal.
  8. Give yourself a spa day in the comfort of your own home. Slather on a mud mask, soak your feet in hot water with bath oils, or do your nails. A little pampering always feels good.
  9. Complete one of those long-term projects around your house. Complete those DIY projects that you just haven’t had the chance to get to. Put them in your calendar just like a trip!
  10. Listen to a few episodes of your favorite podcast or start a new one that you just haven’t had the chance to start.
  11. Rearrange a room or switch out decor that you’re tired of. It will breath new life into that space.

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