Destinations We Have Our Eye on for 2020

How is most of the month of January already gone? Last weekend was a fluke– while trying to stabilize our professional and personal lives, we can’t help but fantasize about our future getaways for this year. Our post this week features our travel destinations we have our eye on for 2020!

Typically, we have tried to focus on locations that we have never been to with the goal of exploring new cities, experiencing new cultures, and discovering new cuisine. But this year, since we are planning a wedding, we are prioritizing time together in locations that are feasible. This isn’t to say that they are easy or don’t require money; these destinations have a good mix of trips that require more planning, time, and money while others are driveable and can be done in a day. Additionally, we are taking the recommendations of friends and family to think about locations that we have already visited. Though we may think we did everything there was to do in some of our previous trips, a destination can transform from season to season, uncovering treasures we have yet to discover. Regardless, our memories from our adventures are sure to last a lifetime.

Destinations We Have Our Eye on for 2020

North Conway, New Hampshire
Though we have both visited NoCo—as this town is lovingly referred to in our circle of friends—during the summer, we have not visited this town together during the winter. We want to head here for some wintertime fun together complete with snowshoeing, photography pit stops, and hopefully some covered bridges.

Phil loving winter

Stowe, Vermont
We definitely left our hearts in this snowy town when we visited a couple of years ago. Needless to say we want to go back. However, this time, we’re aiming for a spring or summer trip to see how this town transforms. Bring on the luscious green foliage hiking.

Destinations we're looking forward to visiting this summer - Stowe, VT

The Berkshires, Massachusetts
Dubbed as the “Inland-Newport”, this area of Western Massachusetts is full of history and culture, like orchestras, museums, and libraries. Additionally, it offers amazing recreational options, including kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Sounds like a relaxing weekend to us.

The Berkshires - Top Destinations 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana
We’ve always wanted to experience the never ending party in NoLA, so why not this year? We’ve wanted to visit this city for years, so we think a long weekend getaway to this destination is on the list.

New Orleans - 2018 Top Destination

Austin, Texas
Who doesn’t want to get weird in Austin? Known as one of the unofficial music capitals of the world, this city has it all; rock, country, jazz, pop, you can find your genre and so much more. There’s not much better than good music, great weather and yummy food.

Austin - 2018 Top Destination

New Mexico
Known as the land of enchantment, this state has been on our radar for a while. With a rich Native American culture and famous Spanish Native American fusion cuisine, this state has a lot to offer. And hey, if we could make it during the hot air balloon festival? Even better.

New Mexico - 2018 Top Destination

Orlando, Florida
The Disney+ show The Imagineer Story has inspired us to visit Disney World in Orlando yet again, but for a longer amount of time to truly experience these lands for longer than a day. I mean Star Wars and Avatar also now have their own parks — we have to check it out!

West Coast Road Trip
Since we visited Northern California a few years ago, we have been wishing to go back. And what better way to head back than by driving from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California? We are hoping to make this one of our bigger trips and one for the ages.

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