A New Year’s Reflection and Our Hope for the New Decade

The year of 2019 has come and gone and with it a decade worth of memories and downright incredible moments. There was romance with countless weddings, new bundles of joy for dear friends of ours, and even our own engagement. There was professional growth for both of us through career changes and multiple jobs. There were times of growth, grief, and even guilt. But most of all, there were getaways, so many chances to see this amazing planet, breathtaking country, and even our own backyards. We learned, felt, and became connected to something greater than our day-to-day routine. And we were intentional about experiencing these cultures together, to grow in understanding and truth.

We traveled domestically from coast to coast and loved every second of it, from roaming around Acadia National Park in Maine, the mountains in New Hampshire, the Von Trapp Family Estate in Vermont, the Bitterroot Mountain Range in Montana, and Big Sur in California, to getting lost in amazing cities like Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Savannah, Hilton Head, New York City, Nashville and even our nation’s capital. We completed day trips to New England waterfalls, beach towns, fishing neighborhoods, state fairs, and idyllic towns. We ate our way through nationally acclaimed restaurants and local eateries. We even went to an amusement park or two and rode rides at New England’s own Canobie Lake Park, Universal Studios in Orlando, and of course the greatest place on earth — Disney World.

We also traveled abroad to soak up some sunshine in Central America in both Costa Rica and Mexico, and danced in the streets in the Carribean in both St. Lucia and The Bahamas. We traveled north to Canada to eat croissants and poutine, and hopped across the pond to kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland.

Every year, we set goals and intentions for what we would like to accomplish 12 months from now — personally, professionally, and together as a unit. We say them out loud to each other so we have an accountability partner holding us responsible. For the both of us, we know that 2020 and the next decade will bring us challenges and tribulations as that is life. But we also know that there will more moments of immense joy and happiness. We can’t wait to keep traversing, trailblazing, traveling side by side, forever! Our hope is that we never lose this curiosity for growth and appreciating the planet and its people. Though the time between trips may become longer and roots may be placed more permanently, we want you to know, that we will keep writing since we consider this form of reflection a getaway, a way to open our eyes to our experiences — together.

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What are some of your hopes and wishes as you head into a new year and decade? We’d love to know!

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