4 Experiences Sarah’s Looking Forward to on Her Trip to Montana

It’s almost that time again, time for some more travel, well at least for me! I have been trying to book this next trip for as long as Phil and I have been dating, and trust me, that’s a long time — almost eight years!!

Friends and family, I am excited to share that I am headed to Montana in just under two weeks. And not only am I headed to one of the most picturesque states in the US, but I will be headed out on horseback through the rugged wilderness for almost five days. If you know me, you probably can see my smiling, giddy face as I typed that last sentence. So while I spend the next week or so packing my gear and layers into my suitcase, I wanted to share a few photos from the Treasure State I will hopefully get to experience.

Experiences Sarah’s Looking Forward to in Montana

Connecting with a Horse for Four Days


Hitting the Hot Tub After a Day in the Fresh Air


Breathing the Fresh, Pure Air in Montana


Taking in Indescribable Views Firsthand


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