Date Day – Summer Strawberry Picking

We’re back with another date idea! Though this weekend wasn’t as nice as they had been, we still were able to enjoy some time outside in the warm sun. On Saturday we found an amazing u-pick farm in Ipswich, MA while on our way to Newburyport for bunch. Marini Farm was having a strawberry festival at their main farm stand location, but just a few minutes down the road was a massive strawberry patch with dozens of bushes with juicy, plump, red berries ready for the picking.

We paid for three quarts from the payment tent — luckily enough for us, they take credit cards! We took our baskets and made our way away from the larger crowds to the right hand side of the patch. There were over six rows of strawberries, many of which were doubling over from the weight of the fruits they bore. Phil and I had at it for almost 20 minutes, searching for and plucking the ripe berries from their branches. It was such a great way to connect with nature, and reminded us of the fun we always have in the fall picking apples together.

We highly recommend finding a u-pick farm this summer. There is nothing like a freshly picked strawberry right off the vine! Check out some of our favorite photos from our time together, hunting for berries!

Summer Activities -- Massachusetts summer fun

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