Date Day – Mini Golfing in Westford, MA

We haven’t posted about our date nights in a while, and to be honest, it’s because we haven’t had one that didn’t involve a movie on our couch in quite some time. But with the nice weather finally in full force, everyone in the north east is officially out of hibernation mode and looking for inventive and fun ways to be outside, and we aren’t complaining one bit! The rays of warmth and light, the sandy beaches, the lush greenery, lobster rolls, fruity drinks — oh and of course the active, outdoor happenings like beer gardens, bike riding, and hiking – who could forget those?!

With the most perfect summer day being forecasted for this weekend, we implemented date night, during the day! Here’s a reminder of the terms for day dates:

  • The date chooser changes every other time
  • The date must involve at least one fun activity and include a plan for food
  • Dates that include alcohol are highly encouraged

We decided to head out to Westford, MA to have a go at a little friendly competition in the form of mini golf at Kimball Farm.

Date Day - Westford Massachusetts Mini Golfing Summer Outdoors

When we awoke Sunday morning after sleeping in slightly (it’s still a lazy Sunday after all), we changed into outfits that would be comfortable in 75-degree temperatures, but appropriate for mini golfing! At around 9:30am we headed to Kimball Farm Westford. Our goal was to miss the family rush that tends to arrive a little after 10am, when the mini golf is open to the public.

Kimball Farm is a staple in Massachusetts for family summer fun. Currently, with four locations across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Kimball Farm started as a dairy farm in the early 1900s in Westford, MA, eventually creating delicious ice cream mixes in 1939. Fast forward to 2010 and Kimball now has three additional locations serving their famous frozen desserts. And at the main location, they have expanded their property to not only include mini golf, but they offer a full range of activities from bumper boats and bumper cars to ziplines, batting cages, a driving range, and even a tap house.

At around 10:30, we set out on the Waterfall Run course, one of two courses at Kimball. We wove our way through the 18 holes ranging from par two to par three in difficulty. By no means were the holes easy — there were hills, rocks, wooden posts, level changes, and gaps to conquer. At one point we even had to hit our balls into a running stream to get our balls closer to the hole! Not to brag, but I did beat Phil by three strokes with two holes in one!

After we finally agreed that this competition was a draw, we decided to hit up the Outback Tap Shack for a drink and some grub. This newer addition to the Kimball compound is near the batting cages and features some great bar bites like tacos, sliders, and pretzels as well as some local craft brews from Smuttynose, Jack’s Abby, and Allagash. We decided on the pork belly sliders and chicken wings with a Pony Shack Hillsborough Cider and a Peaks Organic IPA.

We can’t wait to spend more days like this — do you have any favorite activities to do in the summer? Share them in the comments below!

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