Engagement Photos (Yay!)

They’re here! That’s right folks, they’re finally here and we’re so excited to share them with you. As you probably remember, we were engaged last December and this spring we had Phil’s cousin, the amazing photographer TJ Viaud, photograph us in three spots with three very different themes as part of our engagement photo shoot.

Now, to some this may be excessive, but these three locations meant so much to us, we couldn’t pick just one. The first location was Reading Town Forest in Reading, MA. Now neither of us have ties to this town, but the tall pine trees made us feel like we were back in Northern California, one of the top three destinations we’ve been to. We wanted this spot to feel romantic, whimsical, and yet natural and ourselves.

The second location was set in the place that most feels like home to us, Boston! We had a blast with TJ, following us around the city we call home. We started in Back Bay, where we really learned the magic of this city, and worked our way up to the North End, where the TD Garden is. We couldn’t imagine not having a set of photos with the city-scape as our backdrop, creating a casual, laid-back, yet contemporary and picturesque.

And lastly, we ended up where it all began, Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. You see, Phil and I worked here together for one summer in 2011, right before I graduated from college. It only felt right that we go back to where it all began. Luckily for us, the park was willing to let us run around just the two of us to capture the young-at-heart nature of our relationship. As you can see, the color scheme of this shoot felt perfectly enchanting and charming, don’t you agree? Hope you all enjoy!

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