Reflection – Organizaing for Fun

Last week we reminisced about the past six weekends up on the Northshore while dog sitting for a friend. As you have read in previous posts, we took advantage of this time to explore more of the North Shore area with trips around Newburyport, Gloucester, Beverly, and Rockport. We found these day trips just as satisfying as longer travel vacations, really proving to us both that we don’t have to go far and for a long period to experience travel and expose ourselves to new experiences.

This weekend was the complete opposite one for us — we stayed home after being away for six weekends. What did we have planned may you ask? Well that’s just it, we didn’t have a plan. This weekend we allowed ourselves to do some spring cleaning and organizing of our apartment. With spring now with us, it was time to go through our personal belongings, organize, and clean. This organization bug may have been bitten us because we will have family (Phil’s cousin) staying with us this week, and partly because we binge watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, leading us to read her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. We were so inspired, we started attacking our wardrobes — five bags later, we finally have more organized closets and tidier drawers and donated lightly-used clothing to GoodWill.

This organization has left our lives feeling less cluttered and ready to start some two really exciting weeks ahead.

Week 1: Work and Phil’s cousin staying with us. We’re particularly excited for this week coming up because we will be getting our engagement photos taken! We still have a little planning to do for this, but we are almost prepared and really excited to have these lasting memories photographed by someone we love and care about.

Date Day - Autumnal Equinox, Glendale Falls

Week 2: Work and prepping for St. Lucia. This will be a week to a great few days to prepare for a week-long vacation. Oh, and we will be seeing Avengers: End Game at the end of this week. We’re stoked for this just like every other Marvel fan out there!

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