Early Morning Photos from Rockport, Massachusetts

We’ve made it my friends, this weekend’s temperatures topped off at 72 degrees, and boy oh boy, did it have us New Englanders feeling fine. The sun on our translucent skin and the warm, humid breezes on our dry, chapped faces reminded us that winter really does come to an end. With the promise of this amazing weather upon us, we decided to head to the easternmost part of Cape Ann—Rockport Massachusetts. This quaint town has it all: locally curated boutiques, friendly breakfast hotspots, and east coast beach beauty. It even has a resume as it was the main shooting location for films like Mermaids and The Proposal.

With a few hours to kill before plans that afternoon, we decided to give in to our desire to be outdoors and head to Rockport for some early morning fun. After parking the car downtown, we set off on foot to explore. Since it was only 8:00am in off-season, not many of the stores were open for business yet. Yet, it didn’t stop us from waltzing along, taking photos of the lobster boats, the unique storefronts, and stopping for coffee and a donut at Brothers Brew. We also headed out for a hike along the shoreline of Halibut Point State Park and gazed out at the hazy skyline. What a way to ring in the spring weather!

While we prepare our day date itinerary for all of you, take a gander through the moments we captured during our early morning in Rockport, Massachusetts!

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