Photos from our Day in Gloucester, Massachusetts

What a weekend! The weather finally started to turn. The air had that sweet, earthy smell reminiscent of thawing ground. In fact, we had an intense thunderstorm with electric lightning and riotous thunder that shook the house. When Saturday finally arrived, we knew we needed to be outside—every bone in our body craved the warmth of the sun and we were definitely willing to give into that temptation. And in our opinion, there is no better place than the North Shore of Massachusetts before the summer crowds filter in.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, known as one of the top fishing towns in the national, has capitalized on its history surrounding seafood production to bring the best the ocean has to offer to thousands of hungry tourists each year. The result is a smattering of restaurants and unique shops lining main street on the picturesque beaches and harbors of the North Shore.

While we prepare our itinerary of all of the unique spots we visited, we thought we would share a selection of photos from our day in Gloucester!

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