Christmas Time Memories

We can’t believe Christmas is only two days away! After the last minute hustle to get gifts for everyone on our lists, we can now relish in the warmth and love of family and friends. Our hearts can’t help but fill with hope, inspired by our more youthful days when wonder and awe captivated our minds at the thought of Santa landing on our roofs and sliding down the chimney to leave cherished gifts of beneath the tree. Today, our hope is directed more towards valued times with the people we love, knowing the true spirit of the holiday season and new beginnings to come — including our lives as fiances, and our celebratory trip to the Bahamas! As we are huddling on the couch watching Christmas movies and baking cookies, we can’t help but think about our amazing winters of years’ past. Here are some of our favorite memories from this special time of year.

What are you favorite parts of the holiday season? How do you keep family holiday traditions alive? We’d hear some of your traditions and amazing family memories!

Christmas Photos of Viafora/Kamachos

Christmas Photos of Viafora/Kamachos

Christmas Photos of Viafora/Kamachos

Photo 11: Phil's Christmas portrait

Phil loving winter

Santacon Photo

Holiday Part Fun

Couple photo of sleigh rides

Holiday Party Fun

Photo 1: Phil and Sarah at Rockefeller Center

Photo 9: Rockefeller Tree in NYC

Photo 3: First live Christmas Tree in Watertown Home

Newburyport Tree

Christmas Tree Fun

Christmas Tree Fun

Christmas Tree Fun

Christmas Tree Fun

Travel Christmas tree

2018 real tree

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