Favorite Fall Finds in New England


Nashoba Valley Winery - Bolton, MA

This past weekend was one of the very few recently where we hung out at home — and were excited about it! The temperature dropped from the upper-50s to the low-40s, and though this doesn’t sound like a big change, in New England, that’s pushing winter weather.

As such, we had the day planned around indoor activities: budget updating, cleaning, organizing, swapping out Halloween decor with Thanksgiving decor, closet updating, and, of course, traveling. Though we have some pretty exciting trips planning for the end of this year and 2019 (Caribbean vacations anyone?), we couldn’t help but reflect on our favorite places to visit fall, and plan some activities for the last few (un)official week so fall left.

The locations below include our favorite destinations to look at fall foliage, sip warm cider, and walk around in nature, smelling the earthy smell of leaves.


Parker’s Maple Barn – Mason, NH

This cozy New Hampshire establishment started as a sugaring house in the 1960s. Today, Parker’s is still producing delicious maple syrup, but has also expanded to include a quaint restaurant and a traditional country store. The best part of visiting in the fall is Parker’s location in Mason, NH. After winding through some idyllic New England roads, you will find Parker’s nestled among tall pitch pines and dozens of maples. This place is a staple for our families in the fall!

Favorite Fall Finds - Watertown, MA

Pack Monadnock – Peterborough, NH

Less crowded than other hiking trails in the area, Pack Monadnock isn’t a mountain to be overlooked. Slightly shorter than other peaks in the area, Miller State Park, where Pack is located, gives you great views of its neighboring mountain Mount Monadnock and the valleys below. Not only does this mountain allow dogs (for those of you looking to bring your furry friend along), but it is located in the oldest state park in New Hampshire. Head here for some great late fall views, and some outdoor physical activity.

Route 117 – Waltham, MA through Worcester, MA

If you’ve followed us for the past couple years, you’ll recognize this reference. This east-west state highway starts in Waltham, Massachusetts and weaves its way through Middlesex and Worcester counties. In fall we want to feel removed from the city, to feel like we escaped from the chaos of our day-to-day. And this conveniently located road does just that. Winding, curving, cutting, and climbing, Route 117 is tree lined and changes in gradation around almost every turn. It’s hypnotic in the golden warmth of fall, and a must for those in Massachusetts.

Charles River Greenway – Watertown, MA

This 23-mile path from Boston to Newton runs through our homebase of Watertown. This paved trail is great year-round, but we both agree, it’s magical in the fall. The pine, birch, oak, and maple trees line the curved path that follows the ebbs and flows of the Charles River. Walkers, runners, bikers, even inline skaters use this path for exercise and a way to escape the hustle and bustle of Boston. It’s worth checking out any time, but especially in the fall.


Portland Head Light – Cape Elizabeth, ME

Having visited this town only twice, it now doesn’t feel like fall if at some point we’re not headed to Portland for some Duckfat poutine and a view of the ocean at Portland Head Light. The fall colors reflected against the ocean and the bright blue skies just makes us want to pull our coats tighter around us as we gaze into the open abyss. It’s a fall must, we’re telling you.

Apple Orchards – Any Location!

As you know, we love fall activities, especially apple picking. We’ve been to countless locations to partake in the gloriousness that is snapping these delicious edible fruit from their trees. From the famed Mack’s Apples in New Hampshire where we’re from, to Lookout Farm and Bolton Springs Farm in Massachusetts, there are so many places that feel like fall as soon as you set foot on their property. Pay homage to one of the best autumn past times while you still have the chance.

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