Date Day – Autumnal Equinox

Date Day - Autumnal Equinox, Glendale Falls

We haven’t posted about our date nights in a while, and to be honest, it’s because we haven’t had a weekend recently where we both were in the same place at the same time in months. But with the official start to Autumn falling on a Saturday this year, we couldn’t help but want to take full advantage of it. Autumn is our favorite time of year–the weather, the apples, the leaves, the hearty chili, the baked goods, oh and those pumpkin spice lattes we can’t forget those.

With the most fall-like day being forecasted for Saturday, we implemented date night, during the day! The terms changed a little bit:

Here are the terms to date days:

  • The date chooser changes every other time
  • The date must involve at least one fun activity and include a plan for food
  • Dates that include alcohol are highly encouraged

We decided to head out to the longest and most beautiful waterfall in Massachusetts: Glendale Falls. Located in Middlefield, MA this half mile stretch of rocks creates the most magnificent cascade we’ve ever seen, on the internet that is. We knew we had to go once we pulled up the Trustees of Reservations page and looked at the photos. We wanted a chance to experience this sight ourselves!

We awoke Saturday around 6:00am. Early for a Saturday, but we wanted the place to ourselves, and as we’ve learned from our recent trip to Chicago, early is always better. By 7:00am, we were in the car beginning our two hour drive west. The reservation is approximately a 45 minute drive from The Berkshires, an amazing part of Massachusetts, close to the New York state border.

After exiting the highway and driving for almost 30 minutes on some of the most idyllic New England roads, we arrived at our destination, and in fact had the whole park to ourselves. Not only did this give us the chance to enjoy some quiet time together, but it allowed us to practice some new techniques with our new Nikon and tripod. Long exposure photos have always been on our top skills to begin playing with, and this location with its immense scale, height, gradation, and of course rushing water was the perfect subject for our first attempt.

All in all, we feel we captured some great initial attempt shots, moving beyond the stiller landscapes of Boston or the Watertown Dam; we were also able to capture the budding colors of fall, welcoming us to this new season, together.

Date Day - Autumnal Equinox, Glendale Falls

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