7 Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston

Since our relationship began, many of our dates have involved activities like hiking, biking, and breathing fresh air. Stemmed from a commonality of family activities like hiking and camping we experienced during our childhoods, we value the time we get to spend outside, whether that’s in the form of weekly walks along the Charles River, gardening in our front yard, or reading a novel on our back deck.

City living, though lively, diverse, and dynamic, has its drawbacks namely its distance from the great outdoors. But over the years, we have compiled several spots to get some R&R and reconnect with nature that are within driving distance of our beloved Boston.

For those looking to experience the healing power of Mother Nature or travelers looking for a fun day trip experience, check out our list below of Seven Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston.

7 Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston

  1. Charles River Greenway, Watertown, Massachusetts: Located 20 minutes outside of the city, Watertown is a small city with a bike and walking path along the famed Charles River. The greenway follows the twists and turns of the river and brings you as close as possible to the shoreline. Head here by car or by bike for a day of fun-filled nature time.
  2. Callahan State Park, Framingham, Massachusetts: Locals typically think of Framingham as a suburban city full of plazas and strip malls. Very little are aware of the over 100 acres dedicated to all types of recreation, from hiking and biking to horseback riding and even cross country skiing. There is no better way to be one with nature than climbing these tree lined trails on a beautiful day.
  3. Bay Circuit Trail, Concord, Massachusetts: The Bay Circuit Trail is a 230-mile ring that starts at Plum Island and ends on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The most rural part of the trail system is in Concord, about a 30 minute drive from Boston.7 Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston
  4. Bolton Flats, Bolton, Massachusetts: Greenery, wildlife, and marked trails, what could be better? This trail system is less than an hour from the city and is also dog friendly.7 Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston
  5. Fort Williams Park Cliff Walk, Portland, Maine: About 1.5 hours from Boston, this short path along the shore has spectacular views of Portland Head Lighthouse, old bunkers you can explore, and enough fresh, salt air to fill your lungs for days to come.7 Earthy Destinations within Driving Distance of Boston
  6. Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Vermont: If you’re looking for multiple trails with different views and are willing to drive a bit further (about 3 hours from Boston), head up to the Von Trapp Family Lodge Stowe, Vermont. Offering over 20 different routes to take, you’ll feel like a member of the Von Trapps themselves, listening to the hills singing with the sound of music.
  7. Otter Cliff and Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Maine: If wanting to experience the beauty of a national park, head to the only one in New England, Acadia National Park. There are hundreds of trails to choose from, including a set that borders the sea and immensive forests. This park is our longest location at about 4.5 hours from Boston.

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