Day Trip to Newport, RI

This past weekend, our best laid plans were interrupted by one of the worst nor’easters on record. Though most of New England was spared the feet of snow that is usually associated with storms like this, inches of rain pelted our apartment while hurricane force winds made our building feel like it was in the center of the twister that took Dorothy to meet Glenda and the rest of her friends.

Needless to say, our plan of doing a day trip to New Hampshire was foiled as we opted to let the utility and clean up crews do their work with limited congestion on the roads. While we were cuddled up watching movies on the couch all day, we got to talking about past trips that we’ve taken together before we started to document them on this blog. There are few that stick out in our mind, including Newport, RI; a family trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and our first trip that inspired us to write again, our two week trip to Ireland.

Not only to appeal to the masses’ obsession with flashbacks and throwbacks, we are going to be reflecting and sharing some of these trips with you, our readers. The majority of March will be dedicated to these trips that hold a special place in our hearts. We’re calling this our #writetoreminisce.

Keep reading for our itinerary of the must sees on a day trip to Newport, RI!

Our first entry is paying homage to one of the hardest hit areas this weekend, Newport, RI. Almost three years ago, we decided to head to this ocean-boarding town during Memorial Day weekend. We got up early enough to miss the crowds heading to the Cape with the intention of grabbing breakfast at a famed local joint before tackling our main priority: walking the entire 3.5-mile path dubbed The Cliff Walk. Parking in a lot for Easton’s beach, we started at the beginning near The Chanler, a historic 1800 mansion turned hotel.

The route was lined with expansive shorelines on your left and gigantic Victorian-inspired and shingle-style estates on your right. The weather was amazing, with a cool breeze blowing off the water complimenting the heat felt from the 65+ degree day.

Once we made it to Bailey’s Beach, it was time to explore the downtown area. These few blocks of local shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks were the perfect balance to the walking we did earlier.

Keep reading for our itinerary of the must sees on a day trip to Newport, RI!

A day trip to Newport, Rhode Island

Key Pointers

  • Be prepared. If visiting in the late spring or early summer, it may be best to bring a light jacket, and comfortable walking shoes, especially if planning to walk the Cliff Walk in its entirety. Oh and we did make it to the beach, so be sure to throw a bathing suit and towel in your bag.There are changing stations on Easton Beach.
  • Once you get to your destination, ditch the car. This town is walkable, and has cute trolleys and buses that transport tourists, students, and locals alike.
  • The early bird gets the worm. The earlier you get to your parking spot, the less crowded it is. That means a lesser chance of people getting in the way when trying to take photos, eating at an establishment, or beating you in line at the shops. Trust us, you will want to make the most of your day without the massive amounts of people popping up.

Where to eat, drink, and be merry:

  • Atlantic Grill: Just a short three-minute drive from Easton Beach in Middletown, RI, this laid-back family establishment is famous for its breakfasts. You can find surfers, beach goers, and locals hanging here in the mornings before going off on their daily adventures. Be sure to order enough food to fill you up for your adventure.
  • Brick Alley Pub: Located right across the street from the marina, this two-story pub is a must. The yellow awnings draw you in from a few blocks away – it’s a great place to grab a juicy burger and crisp, cold beer after your way along the Cliff Walk.
  • Flo’s Clam Shack: Looking for some amazing, award-winning seafood while on the coast? Look no further than Flo’s. One of two locations, this place is serving up some of the best fried clams, lobster rolls, and fish & chips in town. Place your order downstairs and venture to the second floor or the patio to relax in the last minutes of sun – the perfect way to end a day on the beach!

What to do:

  • Walk the Cliff Walk: The lush green bushes and steel grey stones against the deep blue waters are breathtaking. But what makes this path so unique are the expansive homes, or should we say mansions. They take you back to the 19th century where architecture blended old with the new styles of the time. Around every bend, there seems to be a tip of a mansion’s rooftop peeking out behind fences. Some of these homes are available for tours, including the famous Rosecliff (countless movies have filmed here) and The Breakers. Highly recommend waltzing around the interiors, if you have the extra time.
  • Walk Around Downtown: From olive oil shops and soap stores, to ice cream parlors and famed retail establishments, t

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    here is something for everyone in the 10 block radius that makes up Downtown Newport. Support local businesses by bobbing in and out of some of them. You never know when you may find that perfect knickknack to commemorate your trip.

  • Easton Beach: For those looking for some relaxed downtime, change into your bathing suit and head to the sand. This pristine beach has bath homes and changing stations as well as a snack bar. Soak up some rays and breathe in the calming salty air while you’re there.

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