Date Night – Russell House Tavern

We are finally back on track; after the past few months of chaos, new beginnings, and self-love, it was finally time to celebrate our relationship with a date night (here is a reminder on the terms of this great date idea). Needless to say, we were full of cravings for delicious, well-plated food, in an energetic, ambiance.

This time we headed to Harvard, the cultured Cambridge neighborhood that contains the University of the same name. Russell House Tavern was named after Thomas Russell, a furniture dealer whose business occupied the same retail location in the 1800s, and is nestled right in the center of the red brick sidewalks. Though it was raining, their outdoor patio charmed us through the front door. Though both floors of R. House Tavern have bars, the first floor was full of seat-yourself high tops and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city streets.


In addition to the semi-circle bar and additional high tops, the lower level was full of tables for more formal seating. We were seated in the more formal setting at a small banquette. But the lively atmosphere was not contained to the bar; the vibrant conversations and exuberant laughter flowed into the table space, making it fun and exciting for the families, dates, and friendly encounters seated here.

After being shown to our seats, we scoured the menu. It was full of delicious options, including small plates of roasted veggies and meatballs; house-made burgers and chicken sandwiches; and entrees featuring various meats, poultry, seafood, and pastas. We were then greeted by our congenial server who explained some of their cocktails and wine options. After scouring all of our options we decided on beer and wine, two small plates, and two of their famous entrees (see the exact choices below).

The rest of our night was spent chatting, laughing, and connecting, something that we have been less intentional about these past few months. We left the restaurant will full stomachs, committing to each other to prioritize our bi-weekly date nights. Have any of you ever been to R. House? If so, what was your favorite dish? We’d love to hear! Oh, and as always tune in to @writetogetaway on Instagram to see our future date nights!

Food Choices

Small Plates: Smoked lamb belly meatballs (in a roasted tomato and taleggio sauce topped with crispy sage), brussel sprouts (with parmesan, shallot, and guanciale)

Main Dish: Heritage pork three ways featuring smoked shoulder, linguica, and grilled loin complemented with mill grits; Steak frites featuring a flat iron steak, asparagus, and herbed frites

Drink Choices: 2014 Malbec – Lockwood Vineyards; Golden Helles Lager – Von Trapp, VT

Date Night Ideas - Russell House Tavern Harvard

Date Night Ideas - Russell House Tavern Harvard

Date Night Ideas - Russell House Tavern Harvard

Date Night Ideas - Russell House Tavern Harvard

Date Night Ideas - Russell House Tavern Harvard

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