New Year’s Reflection

Reflection - New Year's Eve

The year of 2017 has come and gone. For the most part, we are happy to see the trials and tribulations of this year pass. There were huge disappointments, massive change, and tears shed for not only from those sappy holiday-themed movies, but for the lack of progress for mankind as we knew it in 2016. I am sure that many of you can relate to these negative feelings of disgust, anger, and fear this year. But as we reflect on these previous 12 months, it’s hard to ignore our moments of laughter, love, and joy.

As our Timehops, Instagram 2017 Best Nines, Snapchat Yearly Stories, and Facebook Memories have shown, there were times of pure bliss with friends and family where we didn’t feel a care in the world or think about the natural, political, or human-caused disasters at hand. There was exploring, not only in New England greenery and winterscapes, but in Central American sunshine and Canadian hospitality. There was romance with two weddings, and new bundles of joy for dear friends of ours. There was professional growth for both of us, one starting at a new company and the other realizing it’s time for a fresh start. Oh, and not to mention another Superbowl win for the GOAT, Tom Brady.

With 2017 nearing its close tonight, we know that the new doors of 2018 are opening wide at the strike of midnight. We will enter a new year full with hope; hope that we will make more lasting memories with those we love and care about the most; hope for a future of kindness and respect to be had and felt by all; hope for new learning opportunities and challenging changes; and hope that we continue to appreciate all that life throws our way, the good and the bad.

Every year, we set goals for the new year – intentions for what we would like to accomplish 12 months from now. We say them out loud to each other so we have an accountability partner holding each other responsible. Now it’s time for us to share two with you all – surprisingly (or not at all), we both had “travel often” and “more getaways” on our lists.

Be sure to set aside some time tomorrow and think about how you would like to carry on in 2018. Oh and Happy New Year to you and yours!

New Year's Reflection - Auld Lang Syne

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