Christmas Time Memories

Tonight is Christmas Eve! To say that we are just excited for this holiday is putting it mildly. Our hearts can’t help but fill with hope, inspired by our more youthful days when wonder and awe captivated our minds at the thought of Santa landing on our roofs and sliding down the chimney to leave gifts of love beneath the tree. Today our hope is directed more towards valued times with the people we love, knowing the true spirit of the holiday season and new beginnings to come. As we are huddling on the couch watching Christmas movies or baking cookies, we can’t help but think about our amazing winters of years’ past. Here are some of our favorite memories from this special time of year.

What are you favorite parts of the holiday season? How do you keep family holiday traditions alive? We’d love to see some of your photos, upload or send them to us!

Photo 1: Phil and Sarah at Rockefeller Center

Photo 2: Christmas decorations on a door in Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Photo 3: First live Christmas Tree in Watertown Home

Photo 4: First Christmas tree together

Photo 5: Christmas tree farm in Litchfield, NH

Photo 6: Peppermint hot chocolate with marshmellows

Photo 7: Sarah's Family Tree in NH

Photo 8: Boston Common Tree with Boston skyline

Photo 10: Sarah's second Christmas

Photo 11: Phil's Christmas portrait

Photo 12: Christmas in Boston

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