Falling in New England

This past Saturday was a steal – the sun was shining in the cornflower, cloudless skies, warming everything its rays touched. Any day in September that hits 70 degrees in Massachusetts is cherished after the long, hot, humid summer. Everyone, including families, elderly couples, and broody teens were outside in light jackets, soaking up the crisp, fall-like air. We were outside too and even cracked our windows to breathe in the fresh air.


Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer so the timing of this weather excited and inspired us. Fall is our favorite time of year – in preparation for this season, I’m rounding up our top 10 favorite fall activities for a New England resident.

  1. Decor change up: We always take the change in season as liberty to cycle through decor from light and airy blue hues to warm and rustic browns and reds. When the air becomes crisper, you better believe our couch is adorned with a cable knit blanket, the candles smell of spice and warm apple pie, and our pillows on the bed and arm chairs reflect the changing leaves on the trees.
  2. Sweater weather, flannel time and bootie season: As soon as the seasonal winds pick up the fall wardrobe come out of retirement. There is nothing better than a cashmere or cotton sweaters paired with ankle booties of all heights and colors. As for the men in our lives, flannel times and a good pair of Timberlands or Bean boots are a must. It’s basically the fall uniforms, a cozy, snuggly uniform.
  3. Apple and pumpkin picking: There is no shortage of farms offering this experience in New England. Grabbing a basket to collect a bushel of apples while pulling a little red wagon for the pumpkins while wearing your favorite fall outfit all just makes for the perfect family activity or day date. This is on our list for sure. Where may you ask? Check out Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, NH. Amazing orchards and farmstand.
  4. Bar cart revamp: Once fall is in full swing, gone are the days where champagne cocktails will do. Nope, we need something a little stronger to warm our bones. We replace our infused vodka, tequila and rose with some whisky and red wine. I also love replacing my vintage martini glasses on the bar with my brass moscow mule mugs. What says fall more than a metallic mug.
  5. Head of the Charles Regatta: This is one of my favorite activities. Why? Well for one, rowing is a spectator sport and one that makes Boston oh-so special. The other reasons include sitting on blanket on the banks of the Charles River, bringing a thermos of my favorite hot toddy, and picking out the best outfit to capture the moment (usually includes a cable knit sweater, boat shoes, and some type of flannel).
  6. Winery tastings: This is an experience that we tried once on a spur of the moment whim. It will be an Autumn staple. There is not much better than walking through the vineyards surrounded by orange, yellow and red trees sipping the seasonal blend. I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried it, add it to your fall checklist this you. It will not disappoint (my favorite vineyards include Nashoba in Massachusetts and LaBelle in New Hampshire).
  7. State fair fun: Fried dough, ferris wheels, horse shows? We love hitting up one of the dozens of state fairs happening across New England. This year we are going to try out The Big E in western Massachusetts.
  8. Football season: We live in Massachusetts, need we say more? Autumn wouldn’t feel like Fall without some New England Patriots football. Whether it’s making chilli before an evening game or heading to Gillette Stadium to throw around a football before watching Tom Brady take the field, this sport screams fall. And we have to throw in a little shout out to the Atlanta Falcons (you’re welcome Phil)
  9. Raking up the leaves: We used to hate this activity growing up, unless we were allowed to jump in them at the end. But once we actually had our own yard to take care of, raking leaves is actually something to look forward to. There is just something about the smell of leaves that makes my heart sing.
  10. Scarves and books: Picture this, making a warm cup of tea or coffee, grabbing a great new bestseller, wrapping your favorite scarf around your neck and lugging a blanket out to a hammock. Yup, sounds like the perfect fall afternoon activity to me – getting lost in a world while enjoying the fresh air. Not much rivals this experience.

Now it’s your turn, what is on your list of Autumn must this season? What are you looking forward to the most? Share comments and links to your favorite spots in the comments below.

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