Reflection – Weymouth Vibes


Vibes. Not just a psychedelic word used by hippies or ‘free-minded’ stoners in movies. No, a vibe actually has great value – it is a reflection of your habits, personality, and how you want to live. Your personal state is one of the most important aspects of health, mindfulness and even success. What you are feeling, the vibes you give off to world, and how you display these emotions impact you as well as others around you.

Everyone has them. Each person has the potential to impact another’s vibes or specific atmosphere. It’s crucial to have great friends and family in your life, ones that have a positive impact on you and want to push good vibes into the universe right alongside you. The beginning of this process all begins with living and exuding good positive vibes in all parts of life.

The photo above was taken at sunset in the seaside town of Weymouth, MA. Earlier in August, we went to visit friends for dinner – talk about good vibes. We started the night drinking wine with great people on the beach. The warm summer sunset with its bright yellows and cool blues, the lively people sitting next to us on a cozy thick woven blanket in the sand, cool fruity white wine cleansing our palates, and the light salty air set the vibe for the rest of the night. We chatted about the highs of our lives and some of the lows that we all had to experience to become who we are.

We both know that cooler weather is around the corner. And not long after that winter – with that comes what New Englanders like to call, seasonal depression. We don’t receive enough sunlight to produce vitamin D for the body to feel energized, awake and happy. With this ‘impending doom’ lurking around the corner, we have started to set time aside each night as a couple. We want to connect, to join together and chat about life, this blog, or get advice on problems we have, not focus on the darker mornings, even darker nights, and s-n-o-w heading our way.

This has become our new favorite part of the day. All the best vibes come out of these conversations. Each night, we can feel ourselves back at that Weymouth beach. We can feel ourselves connecting on different level. And we know that we will live to see another amazing sunset on another amazing summer night.

What do you do to make sure your positive vibes are out in the universe? How can you make sure to value vibes in your everyday life? Leave us some suggestions in the comments below!

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