Reflection – Moving

This week’s blog is a reflection on moving. Phil and I have lived together for almost two years now. And this month has been quite a busy month for Phil and I so far. After our bucket-list worthy trip to Northern California, we had to pack up our 800 square-foot apartment. Why may you ask? We got an amazing two bedroom apartment right down the street. The pictures below are when we saw this place for the first time – it may not look like it in these photos (the current tenants were in the process of moving out), but this place is our dream rental unit.

Built in 1900, this two family home exudes character, the dark wood doorways and crown molding make the neutral walls pop while the original doors (and doorknobs might I add) creek a welcome every time they are opened. The place is a clean slate and much more spacious than our last apartment. I cannot wait to make this place our own!

We are still in the designing/decorating mode, but stay tuned next week for a few of my favorite spots in the house thus far!


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