Reflection – Unstoppable


Everyone has a comfort zone. You know those places or even those situations where you feel completely in control and relaxed, cool as a cucumber? For Phil, he’s always calm except where dogs are involved. As a young child, he was chased down the street by a dog. It was unclear if the dog wanted to play or bite him – either way it was a traumatic experience that has affected the way he reacts to these animals.


I on the other hand try to avoid heights like the plague. I can’t stand climbing a ladder or an open staircase, and if have to my knees start to tremble and I try to grab onto anything stable. Weirdly enough, my fear of heights stems from my fear of flying – taking off and landing? I am clenching my hand so tight, fingernail imprints appear.

Either way, these fears are irrational. They don’t really make much sense. Not every dog will chase Phil down the street, and almost every situation that causes my fear of heights is less likely to kill me than driving a car. No matter the situation, we don’t let these fears slow us down – all it takes is a little courage.

After a couple years of practice, Phil is now walking up to dogs himself and petting those who excitedly run up to him. He is beginning to understand the unconditional bond between humans and animals, and all these fluffy friends want to do is be loved and show love. I’m sure within the next year or two he will even be a proud puppy papa!

And I still fly, traveling to new places to experience all this world has to offer. In fact, this week Phil and I are traveling to Monterey, California for a week long getaway. Though I am still full of nervousness, the idea of experiencing a new place, seeing family and friend who live out there, and the anticipation of traveling outweighs my fear. Here’s to being unstoppable.

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